Maya in her childhood years
Buddhi Maya is the oldest daughter of a Nepalese mountain guide and was born in 1969 in a small village at the foot of the world's highest mountain range. As a young girl Maya had the opportunity - on the contrary to other kids in her village - to visit the Sir Edmund Hillary Elementary School, which was an 1,5-hour hike away from her home and over a 4000 m pass that she had to conquer twice each day. The term "Sherpa" is not meant to be another name for "Porters", as the majority might think, but is the name of a migrated Tibetan tribe and means "People from the East".

The high-altitude climber Rudi Postl from Austria, who has been to Nepal several times in the 1970s, at a time when expeditions were still very rare and pricey for europeans, became a close friend to Maya’s father and invited her to Austria to offer her the possibility for an education with which she could support her family back home. This was the reason why in 1986 Maya, at age 17, came to Austria for her first time – she was shy, scared and did not speak a word German and only a little bit of English. Together they took into consideration which school would be best for her: she should study something that could help her also back home in Nepal. That was why they first thought about her becoming  a nurse. This idea was put aside as in Maya’s opinion she did not bring enough talent for this job, which she would have needed to carry out in Kathmandu, at the nearest hospital.

Rudi and Maya

Maya preferred to step into the foot steps of her departed father and chose the education of becoming a trekking guide. This was the profession which she wished most for herself, and which Maya could imagine the most helpful to support her family. Later she succeeded in her goal and stepped into her father’s foot steps and therefor became the first female Nepali trekking guide, which back then was very unusual. Meanwhile Buddha Maya runs her own trekking agency in Kathmandu, and therefore can provide work for many people in her home village. She is married and lives half of the year in her home country Nepal, and the other half of the year in Austria.

Maya in her traditional clothes
Maya today
Sunshine Lodge